A History Of The Patient Snake Bite

A History Of The Patient Snake Bite. Now we are given a doctor Conversation. After a long time the patient showed a snake bite. Admission to Medical  Rangpur Community College has been in ICU. Patients went fishing last night, the snake bites him. Then, with the patient, which is usually jharaphuka, foot rope is tight barrier. When the patient is in the eye of the problem (see two things) brings the hospital. Another problem is the patient now, fall eyelids (ptosis), the patient may not be tight neck (broken neck sign) was. To disable the patient poison pills (polyvalent antisnake venom) is given. After a while the patient is suffering Shas. The patient’s level of O2 decreases, the patient is artificially byabasaha giving Shas-administration. I have seen much better the patient, the patient has a lot of response. To disable one dose poison pills (polyvalent antisnake venom) and the decision was inj. Atropine and inj. Neostigmine. I’m almost 50 poisonous snake bite treatment of the patient. From past experience, I think that would be a good patient. Please pray for all patients.

Generally this, snake bite incidents

  1. Snake bite while fishing at night.
  2. The snake is around the time when rain water for dry land and took refuge in the house. Generally chalk place to bed, in the kitchen, took refuge in alanaya snakes. These dark place / sound way is the risk of snake bite.
  3. During the dark streets at night. (Because snakes are usually more traffic at night).
  4. Chicken or duck home.
  5. Sleeping porch during the summer time.

What should be done to get remedy from snake bites?

In cases of snake bites is usually from May to October. Because this time it rains, water is everywhere. Snakes usually do not want to stay in the water. So for the house comes to a dry place. There is no way kantaka people, snake bites, he himself would feel threatened.

  1. At night, do not go in the field without the need of an emergency. Of course, the solution would parayapta light. Samnera place with a large stick with a stick when he would sound. Of course you can leave the snake sounds.
  2. When chalk sticks to the words before going to the chalk.
  3. Keep up with the course of the road to traffic lights at night taraca.
  4. Chicken or duck house parayapta light solution would sound with a stick.
  5. Nothing in bed before going to bed to the sound of the village, at the bed and sleep well.
  6. You can not lie down on the porch or out in any way.

A History Of The Patient Snake Bite What snake bites?

  1. Do not be horrified. It is usually a percentage of the 96-97 percent of snake bites snake Dara abisakta.
  2. Snake has bitten the place where he can not move. Byandeja crepe was the best. However, part of the village with a thin towel or a sari Luce tie should be cut. The goal is inhibited, it can not be lymphatic drainage, and the patient can not move that arm. (Snake venom through the lymphatic spread in the body).
  3. Jharaphuka patient in any way, indigenous, these snakes can not be cut with a blade for cutting room. It can not be a waste of time anyway. Poisonous snake bites snake venom as soon as the patient can be given drugs to disable more likely to be better.
  4. If you do not sign, and there is no reason to fear A History Of The Patient Snake Bite

    Why the snake-bitten patients kabirajara jharaphuka like?
    This is actually a wrong information. In our country, there are only 4 species of poisonous snake-kalakeute, Cobra, Russel Viper and Viper grinapita. Poisonous sea snakes and sea. Among them into our hand, kalakeute, Cobra snakes are found. Today, Russell vipers found barendrate district. So very few poisonous snakes. So if 100 people bitten by a snake, both of them 98 abisakta snake bite. Poisonous snakes bite only 3 people. However, if these 100 patients, the doctor jharaphuka 95 janeo be better than others, and that those poisonous snakes was bitten or 3, they will not be good. I can not say that their doctor, the hospital took. If the doctor’s success rate of 95%. Everyone says so snake-bitten patients doctor can do better. But the reality is this is a poisonous snake bite rogigulora jharaphukera valuable time. Not at all, the patients started treatment to patients quickly sent haspatale much more likely to be good. The jhara-fuuuck waste time because the street was one of the most poisonous snake bites rogigulo haspatale died.

    A History Of The Patient Snake Bite collect by Janasacetanataya-ratindra Dr. Nath Mandal, Medicine Specialist, Rangpur Community Medical College.

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