The Greenhouse Effect And Our World

The Greenhouse Effect And Our World. Recently we are victims this problem. Our world is the only live in human. Now we are fetching many calamity problem. The Greenhouse Effect And Our World is one of the great problem now this world. If we were don’t concise for greenhouse Effect in future we lose our  world.


The Greenhouse Effect And Our World

The Greenhouse Effect And Our World

What is The Greenhouse Effect?

A greenhouse is a house made of glass. It has glass walls and a glass roof. People grow vegetables flowers and others plants in them. A greenhouse stays warm inside , even during winter. During the daylight hours a greenhouse get warmer and warmer and stays pretty warm at night too. This is because the heat received from the sun is trapped inside the greenhouse by the glass.

Our Earth and greenhouse effect

This Earth is also like a greenhouse. During the day Earth’s surface warms up in the sunlight . At night the surface cools, releasing the heat back into the air . But some if the heat is trapped by gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These gases called greenhouse gases work like the glass walls ans the roof and keep the Earth warm. This is global warming and it is making the Earth a dangers planet. Unfortunately we are making the earth too hot. we are using oil gas and coal for running cars buses trains planes, power stations and so on. These fuels have carbon in them. This carbon and other gases trap the heat in the atmosphere and do not allow the earth to cool down. As a result the Earth get hotter.

What Happens next The Greenhouse Effect And Our WorldWWwWHAKWW

If you want to see what happens as a result global warming you can see bellow.

The ice on the earth’s surface id melting fast due to extreme heat. Oceans and seas are warming too. All the ice that melts will fill up the oceans and seas and they will overflow on land. Thus a huge area of land will go under water. Some of the best land for growing food is also the most lowing. That means it will be flooded first. Even some big cities like  London, Kolkata,  and Bangkok, will  get flooded. That means thousand of people will lose there house and lands and they will go hungry. Moreover as the earth climate warms up the weather gets more violent. Storms and cyclones will become  more powerful. More areas will get drier and turn into deserts. There will be heavier rains too. So there will be more floods ans river erosion.

What can we Do? The Greenhouse Effect And Our World

This problem is not only our own it’s our Earth’s issue. We understand now that the global warming and climate change are caused by humans in earth. If we make least  use if energy the earth will be least use if energy the earth will be least polluted. The golden rule is, Avoid machines as much as possible. If your family has a car use it less and  walk to the shops. Walking and running are much more fun than sitting in a car . You may  use bicycles too. You can save energy by changing your lifestyle. For example you can often avoid the air conditioning in summer and use hand fans instead.

You can also use solar energy. It is free and more environment friendly. You can use energy- Sieving bulbs in your room. If you make a garden you can grow much of your own food. Sis you know that if you eat fewer meat and dairy   products, you can reducing reusing and recycling the thing you use. The most important idea is if you don’t buy so many things in the first place, you don’t need to reuse or recycle them.

You can also save energy by turning things off when you don,t use them. People often leave lights heating, air conditioning, computers, TVs and gas burners in when they so not use them. Thus they waste a lot of energy. Turning them off saves money too.

So you can tackle climate change and live comfortably. There is plenty you can do . If we all work sensibly we can save our lovely planet.

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