More Than 2.5 Lakh Different Levels of Vacancy in Bangladesh

More Than 2.5 Lakh Different Levels of Vacancy in Bangladesh. Under the government’s 39 ministries and departments of the two and a half million vacancies. Most of these positions field again. Mamalajata, due to the civil administration of the large number of bureaucratic complications are stuck in recruitment. The lack of manpower issues in the field of activity of district administrators said.



More Than 2.5 Lakh Different Levels of Vacancy in Bangladesh

The four-day conference, which begins in Dhaka on Tuesday to fill vacant posts of district administrators. Many of them are the lack of teachers in primary and secondary schools and colleges in the field of education. The lack of doctors and nurses in the disturbances occurring in healthcare. Agriculture, land, relasaha sebasanslista civil service can not be confirmed due to the lack of respect of men.

DC conference that the discussion of the various ministries, government departments and the civil service can be learned, cadres across the country, non-cadres, teachers, police, employees have a variety of two and a half million vacant. Most of the positions are not being met due to the case. The railway, food, agriculture, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and Employment reeling mamalajate the land. The country’s civil and military administration of the manpower in almost 13  Lake from the public treasury.

DC Conference after leaving the light in response to a question, Minister Mujibul Haque, railway recruitment are stuck in some cases due to the BNP-Jamaat regime. The Ministry of Railways during the last seven years, the government has asked the Minister said, the past few years, eight of the staff have been appointed. Cases of all vacancies to be filled in the next two years to be hoped.

According to the Ministry of Railways, the vacancies in the Ministry of almost 12 thousand. 

In the absence of teacher education interrupted:

DC convention estates and char siksakasankatera schools in Sirajganj and Gaibandha district administrators said. They are in the process of outsourcing a part-time teacher for the district council, said hiring. They recommended that the special allowances of district administrators.

Due to the delays in the process of recruitment of teachers in primary school teacher appointed time is not possible. The students referred to the studies being interrupted Deputy Commissioner of Noakhali. He suggested the creation of a two-year teacher hiring panel. Government primary school teacher recruitment or transfer the case into consideration the number of teachers in remote areas of the district commissioner has recommended adjusting for parity.

Sylhet Divisional Commissioner of the Department of vacant teacher positions need to be filled as quickly as it. According to Deputy Commissioner of Chandpur district, 13 thousand students attend public colleges. According to the structure of the manpower needed 103 new posts.

Chittagong Deputy Commissioner of the district government visually PHP centers and technical schools, and public school teachers srabanapratibandhi speech teacher is being hampered due to lack of education and training of children with disabilities.

According to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of more than 15 vacant positions. There are two thousand 300 vacant posts in government colleges. In addition, there is 1 of 733 public secondary school vacancies. An additional secretary of the ministry said on condition of anonymity, lecturers field vacancy is due to the disruption to their studies. 34, 35 and 36th BCS examinations at the end of the recruitment will reduce the teacher shortage.

According to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, an assistant teacher, headmaster of the Ministry of nearly 30 teaching posts are vacant. 014 cases of teachers of the panel and the pool from the normal recruitment has been turned off since October. Disrupting their studies at the field level.

Hospital manpower crisis:

Conference sources said the Deputy Commissioner, Naogaon, Joypurhat district administrators and districts of Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital recommended recruitment. Faridpur district administrator, said the 50-bed Medical College Hospital, but due to lack of manpower is not going to manage it efficiently.

Patuakhali Deputy Commissioner of the district hospital, 50-bed Coronary Care Unit (CCU) 011, but the transfer could not be launched due to lack of required manpower and medical equipment. Laxmipur district, a 50-bed hospital to 100 beds in 003, but the 100-bed hospital is a 50-bed hospital, human resources, said the Deputy Commissioner.

Gopalganj district administration has sent a proposal to the district and upazila health complex medical technicians and employees to. Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong city established treatment for mental disabilities to ensure the company’s full-time vacancy puranasaha said.

According to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of doctors, nurses and staff of approximately 8 posts are vacant. Is in the process of hiring about 10 thousand nurses. The cabinet recently left vacant due to the quota approved the hiring of nurses on the basis of merit.

Health Ministry sources, the six districts of Barisal division of the position number 1 of the 85 doctors, 523 people are employed. Some doctors appointed on a temporary basis in the department of nurses employed in different districts, but most of them were transferred around the country and gone.

The Ministry of Land:

Most of the land is vacant office Kanungos and surveyor. According to the Ministry of Land, vacant field, even though the majority of cases are pending in employment. Deputy Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam on July 4 conference marking the briefing, told reporters in response to questions, he recruited and padonnatisankranta bhumisaciba While there were 38 cases. He brought down two of these cases reduced. The ministry put an end to the legal complexity of the process of recruitment is trying to introduce.

201415-related functions and divisions of the Ministry of fiscal year annual report, the Ministry of Interior X 163 thousand, 13 thousand 386 of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Railways, 10 thousand 725 and 11 thousand are lying vacant. According to the report, the number of vacant posts to 47 million 648 thousand.

Slow to fulfill the vacancies:

Data and statistics, the number of vacant posts are being filled slowly. 010 Replying to a question in Parliament on September janaprasasanamantri current and former local government minister Syed Ashraful Islam said two lakh 10 thousand 686 the number of vacant posts in government jobs.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration, at the top of the civil administration, especially in terms of additional secretary and joint secretary has become much more than needs. But at the bottom, especially in the field Chief Executive Officer and Assistant Commissioner (Land) vacant lot. A top ministry official, 35, 35 and 37 appointed by the end of the BCS cadre officers to the rank of a total of 5 thousand 410 people will be recruited.

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