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Hi HSC Students Now we have given you HSC Result 2023 Jashore Board info. Do you have a child who has just sat the Higher Secondary Certificate examinations? If you are such kind of a person, you have indeed arrived at the right place. We are here to tell you all you might want to know about the examination body and the subsequent release of the results. For a start, the Higher Secondary Certificate is a public examination that is administered in Bangladesh.

Students who take this examination sit it after clearing 12 years of elementary College. It is what determines whether the students proceed to secondary school or enroll in vocational training colleges. The examinations are administered in the first half of May and the results are published at the 26th February 2023

HSC Result 2023 Jashore Board

HSC Result Jashore Board 

You have several options for your taking if you want to check the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate examinations. This is because the board has put in place a variety of ways and means to make this dream a reality. In a nutshell, you have the online platform, the short message service, and the application software options for your use.


Step 1: Check HSC Result 2023 online:

To access these results online, you have to visit the Comilla Board official online site or an e-Board Results App System. While at these sites, you have to key in the credentials and unique identifiers such as your examination registration number. You will receive the feedback within the shortest duration of time, typically seconds.

Steps 2: Check HSC Results by this website below:

• To check the results via the website, log on to the following address https://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd/
• Alternatively, you may type ‘HSC Result 2023 Jashore Board’ in the search engine
• After the site has loaded, click the top menu which is located at the right-hand side
• Click the mouse on the menu. This will create a submenu
• This submenu has four exam options namely the Archive, HSC, SSC, and the JSC
• Click the one that is most appropriate to your needs or circumstance
• Insert your credentials and unique identifiers. These include registration numbers, examination roll, and the official name. You will thereafter obtain the outcomes you desire.
• Finish off by saving the results as per your choice


The SMS is the second most popular way of accessing these results. This is because most people leave outside the internet coverage areas and hence rely solely on the mobile platform to keep in touch. Owing to the high number of requests that the servers receive at any given time, it may occasionally get overwhelmed and go down.

To request the results via this approach, you need to compose a message. You should type the following code in the message box:
HSC (space) JAH (space) JSC Roll Number (space) 2023 and then send to 16222

The following are some of the terms and conditions that govern the use of this platform:
• Only select phone operators accept the use of their platforms for the sending and receiving of such messages
• Only one roll number may be used at any given time
• These messages are sent only after 2:00 PM
• Each SMS costs BDT 2.38tk
• Only the Teletalk mobile phone operator is allowed to check the JSC examination outcomes via the Smartphone SMS system


These results are also available via the Android app. To be able to make use of this option, you will have to follow the procedures stipulated below:

• Start by acquiring an Android smartphone.
• Download the ‘Bangladesh Education Board’ app. This app is available on the official website of the Bangladesh Education Board or Google Play.
• Enroll in a suitable data plan.
• Log in to the app using your credentials. These are the registration number, examination roll, and the name.
• You will instantly receive the outcomes via your smartphone.

The choice of which method you deem necessary is entirely up to you. However, the SMS is by far the most reliable option. It is cheaper, more convenient, and is accessible just about anywhere within Bangladesh. You may, therefore, want to give it a topmost priority. Did you find this information useful? Share it with the others to let them enjoy the same advantages. Meanwhile, we would like to hear from you as regards the information you received. Please drop your comments and replies below! All the best as you access your 2023 HSC results!

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