Stop Grameenphone SMS Services

Stop Grameenphone SMS Services. Grameenphone is the large Mobile Operator of Bangladesh. More then 70% Bangladeshi use Grameenphone SIM. So We say this mobile operator is the most popular of Bangladesh. So this complies regularly given many offers of his user. But unfortunately, Most of this people can’t understand those SMS and activate those offer sms.

Some offer was given one Month Free but next every month or week balance was reducing.  So, you may have noticed that your balance is reducing every day, even you are not calling or sending any SMS to anyone. So this time User will know about the ways to stop or unsubscribe to those unwanted services and prevent balance loss from your SIM. So, let’s see the ways to stop Grameenphone Unwanted SMS Services  Stop Grameenphone Unwanted Services.

Stop Grameenphone SMS Services

We will try to give those cod how to Stop Grameenphone SMS Services. We hope you can get a good idea for Use gp sim. We also will be found here regular Grameenphone update offer and updated services information which you need. Some time Gp was given many Internet Offer we published regularly this offer. Recently Grameen phone Flexi Plane is most popular Apps For this User. Now Given Bellow How To Stop Grameenphone SMS Services.

Grameenphone Music News: Type “Stop BD” and send to 4001
Grameenphone Voice Chat: Dial 2828 and press 8
Grameenphone Entertainment Box: Type “Stop” and send to 1234
Grameenphone Ebill: Type “Ebill cancel” and send to 2000
Grameenphone Job News: Type “STOP JOB CATEGORY” and send to 3003
Grameenphone Namaz Timings: Type “STOP N” and send to 2200
Grameenphone Hadith Sharif: Type “STOP H” and send to 2200
Grameenphone Voice Mail Service: Dial ##62# or ##67# or ##61# or ##21#Grameenphone Facebook: Type “Stop” and send to 32665
Grameenphone Facebook USSD: Dial *325*22#
Grameenphone Mobile Twitting: Type “Stop” and send to 9594
Grameenphone Call Block: Type “Stop CB” and send to 5678
Grameenphone Missed Call Alert: Type “STOP MCA” and send to 6222
Grameenphone Cricket Alert Service: Type “Stop Cric” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Football Alert Service:
Type “Stop FT” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Tennis Alert Service:
Type “Stop Tennis” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Formula One Alert Service:
Type “Stop F1” and send to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Sports Service: Type “Stop Sports” and to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Sports Celebrity Gossip Service: Type “Stop SG” and to 2002 or 321
Grameenphone Mobile Backup: Type “Stop MB” and send to 6000
Grameenphone Buddy Tracker: Type “Stop” and send to 3020Grameenphone Breaking News Alert: Type “Stop b” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*1*2#
Grameenphone Morning News Alert:
Type “Stop m” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*2*2#
Grameenphone Business News Alert:
Type “Stop bn” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*3*2#
Grameenphone Midday News Alert: Type “Stop md” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*4*2#
Grameenphone Evening News Alert:
Type “Stop en” and send to 321 or Dial *321*3*5*2#
Grameenphone Welcome Tune: Type “Stop” and send to 4000
Grameenphone Internet Off: Dial *500*40#

We try given all updated information of Graphone. But you know they regularly updated this information. When will be upload new information we will be information you this page.

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