PSC Result 2019 PSC Exam

PSC Result 2019 knocking at the door. PSC  nd equivalent exam results will be published under Directorate of Primary Education Board as well as eduresultsbd at the same time. Indeed, here, you can get the result very fast from anyone else. PSC exam under general education board and equivalent education board started over the country on 15st November 2019. PSC Result 2019 and equivalent result 2019 will be published on 24th December 2018

. Hello! Examinee. Congratulations from Eduresultsbd for your upcoming marvelous result. We know you are very excited about getting the PSC Result 2019 under the Directorate of Primary Education Board of Bangladesh. It is very important for all Primary School Certificate (PSC) and examinees to keep updated about PSC result 2019 as well as. Don’t worry! We are here to keep updated you. We will inform you how you can get পি,এস,সি result 2019 with full mark sheet. Just stay with us and continue reading on below.

PSC Result 2019

PSC Result 2018

Primary School Certificate examination in short PSC exam and its exam is the new additions of Bangladesh Education System. It was introduced by Directorate of Primary Education Board in 2011 as the 1st largest public board examination in Bangladesh under the 8 general education board and 1  Ebtedayee education board. The examination is being taken in full Creative questions.

This examination is taken by students in Bangladesh after successful completion of five years of schooling. That means if a student successfully completed his/her class five grade study only then he/she eligible for the PSC exam from school and Ebtedayee exam from madrasah.

p.s.c Result Publish Date

The PSC exam schedule is different from other board exams. Generally, within 10 days PSC exam and equivalent  Ebtedayee exam is completed. And the results of the exam are declared within 60 days from the starting days of the examination.

The very first PSC examination in the country was held in the year 2011 between November 15 to 30. On December 24, the results of the exams were announced in the Grading System.

Everyone had a sense of interest in the PSC Grading System. Will, there be grading like SSC exam and HSC exam or will it be replaced by any change?

For your convenience, we explained clearly the full grading system in the below segment. Don’t miss it!

PSC and equivalent PDC exam usually starts every year on the same date. The first week of November. And the results are published in the last week of December. If there is no particular reason, this schedule keep remains unchanged.

However, the date of examinations and the date of result publication was formally announced every year by the Directorate of Primary Education. Immediately after the announcement, we the eduresultsbd, publish all the updated information on the PSC and PDC exams on our website.

So, if there is no particular reason, the PSC results will be released on December 24, 2018, and you will get the result very fast.

PSC রেজাল্ট and PDC Result 2019 publishing procedure

Education Ministry is officially announcing the PSC exam result publishing date between the first and the second week of December. On the result publishing day, Bangladesh Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid handed over the PSC exam result and PDC exam results summary to the Honorable Prime Minister on behalf of the General Education Board and Madrasa Education Board.

Then the Honorable Prime Minister officially announced the results and attends a video conference with a couple of institutions. Immediately after this, results are reached in every institution and the candidates will see results from their respective institutions.

  HSC Result Barisal Board 2019 with Full Marksheet

Check PSC Result 2019 and PDC result 2019 in the fastest way

 How to see the PSC Exam Result, this question stays in everyone’s mind. Since this is a new board exam for class 8 students, so many examinees do not know how to see the PSC Result 2018. Prior to that, they did the PSC examination.

But the ways of seeing the PSC exam result are not the same as the ways of getting PSC result. PSC exam result is seen under the Directorate of Primary Education, and the JSC result 2019 is seen under the Bangladesh Education Board.

This matter is very new to the PSC students. But there is no reason to be worried. I will show you how easy it is to get the PSC result very firstly without any hassle.

The fastest way to check PSC Result 2019

The simplest and most effective way to get the PSC result 2018 is seeing from the PSC site.

Because on the result release day, everybody depends on the official website of the Education Board. Many of them do not know that if they do not implement special tricks they have faced huge trouble to get results from that site.

But on the Resultkit site, it is possible to get results rapidly, without figured hassle.

Click Here to Get the Result Now

By clicking, open a page like the following image. The information that is asked here must be provided correctly.

So let’s take a look at how every room has to fill.

First comes the Examination

When you come to this section, you will see “Choose One” in the box and see a drop down sign in the right corner.

You have to click here.

A small live menu will open in front of you. Where the first of all you will see PSC /PDC is written. Click on that text. Let’s see that the PSC/PDC has been written in the Examination section automatically.

The next step is Year

Here you will see “Choose One” and get the drop-down menu in the right corner. Clicking on the menu will show a list of the past several years including 2018. From here you must select 2018 because you want to see the PSC result 2018 or PDC result 2018. But if you want to see a result of any past year, then you have to select that desired year from here.

Now the question is how to select the year?

To do this, just click on the desired year. You can see that year will be automatically selected in the year box. Here you can see 2018. Because you have selected 2018.

Next step is the Board section

By looking at the heading, you understand that you have to put your board name here. Notice that the box next to the board is written in the “Choose One”. Just like the previous two options.

That is, by clicking on the drop-down menu on the right side, 8 education boards, 1 madrasa Board, and 1 technical board name will appear. The interesting thing is that if you click on the name of the board like the previous section, your desired board will be selected. Do not need to write anything by typing.

Next section we get is the Result Type

You can see that the result type is red in color. I know now the question has arisen in your mind, where the other sections are black color why this result type section is red?

Let’s find out the answer to this question asked in your mind.

Red because it is different from other section. When you click on the drop-down menu like the previous sections next to this box, you will see some new sections, called Individual Result, Institution Result, Centre Result, District Result, Institution Analytics, and Board Analytics.

From here you have to select Individual Result. Because you want to see only one examinee PSC result 2018 education board result. A bit easier to say, you may want to know your own or your children or the PSC result 2018 with PSC mark sheet of someone you’ve known.

Since we will see one person PSC exam result or PDC exam result with PSC mark sheet or JDC mark sheet under the Education Board Bangladesh, we will select Individual Result.

That’s the point. Still, if you have any confusion, please let us know. We will try to resolve your confusion. The new two options will be emerged in front of you by selecting the individual result.

First, come roll number.

Here you have to place the number of your own PSC exam roll number.

Yes, now you need to type. The roll number of 2.5 million applicants who participate in the PSC exam and PDC exam under Education Board Bangladesh and  Ebtedayee Education Board is not possible to input here automatically.

  PSC Result 2018 Barisal Board 3 Easy Ways To Get Faster

Rather, manually input is easy and time-saving. Therefore, it must be carefully input roll number.

Now come registration number field.

You can see that there is “optional” is written inside the bracket next to the registration number. That means, to get the PSC Result 2019 and education board result, it is not mandatory to provide the registration number of the PSC exam.

You will see the PSC result 2019 education board result in either you provide the registration number or not. So, no need to give if you do not want to. However, there are some different advantages of inputting the registration number.

Let know what is those advantages?

A few years ago, examinee could only see what grades he/she had received, but could not see how many marks he/she got.

But from the past few years, an applicant can see how many marks are obtained in each subject along with Grade Point. And to get this facility, registration number need to input. That is, you must put the registration number in order to get the PSC result 2018, including full PSC mark sheet. Otherwise, the PSC result cannot be found with full JSC mark sheet.

Hopefully, it clearly makes sense.

The last step is the security check

As the Education Board website is very rich full authentic information store, to get any information like education board result from here, you have to prove yourself a human, not robot (read virus) for security purpose.

For this, there will be a picture of some text next to the security key option and get an empty cell on the right side of the image with a transparent text “Type text visible on the left image”.Now all the characters that are written in the image should be placed in that empty cell. Since the security test is case sensitive, the capital letter, small letters, numbers, and spaces are also to be maintained as they are.

If all the information is correct, then immediately after clicking on the Get Result button you will get the desired PSC Result 2018. Following the procedure, you will rarely find the most recent JSC Result education board result with JSC mark sheet.

Way to see PSC Result 2019 without a computer or laptop

You will be astonished to hear what I’m going to tell. Now I’ll show you the ways of getting PSC Result 2018 without a computer or laptop. Stay with us and know.

People without smartphones can hardly be found at the present time. Starting from 10 years kid to 60 years old, everyone has a smartphone. And the biggest advantage of this phone is different types of Apps. Where there is an unlimited hassle to do a lot of work from a computer on the internet, those tasks can be easily done through the app.

Likewise, through the use of APP, one can get the PSC result 2019 rapidly. So stop bothering you by further talk, let’s go directly to this topic on how do we get PSC result and PDC result from the app. How to download apps from the Play Store, it’s no need to guide you. If you know the process, then you can overlook this segment and dive directly into the result obtaining process. Many others may not know. Let’s give them an overview on

how to download and install an app from the Play Store to see PSC result

At first, go to the Play Store from your Android phone. In the Play Store, there will be a search box at the top of the window. Write here BD Result Apps. Within a moment a lot of apps will come in front of you. However, all the apps do not work properly but also provide incorrect information.

So, install the app which is powered by Spondon IT from here. It gives a very effective and accurate education board result and PSC result with full PSC mark sheet. Once installed, open the Apps more than 5 Minutes ago before publishing the PSC result 2018. A nice dashboard of the Education Ministry of Bangladesh will come into view. Here you have to give accurate information in Examination, Board, Year, Roll Number and Registration Number sections.

The interesting thing is that you do not have to type manually Examination, Board and Year in the specific cell.

With touch examination section, a list of all the exam conducted under the Bangladesh Education Board including PSC/JDC exam will be available, the list of all the boards will be available in the board section and in the year section, a list of past years including 2018 will come into sight in the year box.

From here you will be able to select PSC/PDC, Dhaka Board and 2018 by touch.

Now you have to fill the Roll Number and Registration Number manually by typing. Enter the PSC exam roll in the roll number field and PSC exam registration number in the filed of the registration number.

  SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board Get From Online

It can not be done wrong in any way. Otherwise, you won’t see the PSC result 2018 education board result. Your job is almost done. Re-check all the information and press the Submit button. And wait a few seconds. Yes, you’re listening right. Just a few seconds. And you’ll find the desired PSC exam result, including subjectwise grade details.

Get PSC Result 2019 without Internet

The two procedure shown above is definitely the fastest way to see PSC Result 2018.

But in both ways, the internet is required. Those who have enough internet access, they can easily see JSC result 2018 education board result through any one of the eduresultsbd and apps.

Now, if your internet provider does something wrong on that day or facing load shedding, how do you see the results?

Today, regardless of this problem, we will reveal the procedure to see PSC result without the Internet.

In order to get results in this method, you have to accept some certain conditions.

1. You need a mobile. Smartphone or feature phone both are ok.

2. Need an active SIM of any operator in Bangladesh.

3. The available balance should be minimum of 2.50 Tk in the SIM.

4. Like the above two steps, this process will be effective after 1 pm.

5. Have knowledge of message writing

If you can accept the above conditions then getting the result now is only a matter of time.

First, go to your mobile message option.

Type JSC and give space.

Now write the first three letters of your board name. And again give a space.

Enter the roll number of your PSC exam and give space as previous.

Enter the year 2018.

Your message is finished. The message must be sent to 16222.

If everything okay then in return SMS you will get the JSC result.

You may be thinking where to get the shortcode of the board name?

Nothing to worry about. We have already said we will do our best to help you with the. In its continuation, the shortcodes of all the education boards of Bangladesh are given below. Request to see.

Barisal Board – BAR

Chittagong Board – CHI

Comilla Board – COM

Dhaka Board – DHA

Dinajpur Board – DIN

Jessore Board – JES

Rajshahi Board – RAJ

Sylhet Board – SYL

Madrasah Board –MAD

How To Check PSC Result 2018 From Education Board Result Page

The result can be seen from the official website of the Education Board. When we are going to check the result, all of us have the first target to check results from the official website of Directorate of Primary Education Board of Bangladesh.

Yes, of course, we will see, but the main thing is that many of us do not know how to see results from the Directorate of Primary Education Board of Bangladesh Board website. Consequently, they face many kinds of annoying experiences. In earlier, I said that finding results from the Education Board site is difficult if some tricks are not adopted. This year, 2.5 million students participated in the PSC exam. Just imagine, half of them are trying to see the result from Directorate of Primary Education Board of Bangladesh.

Think, have the education board website server power to carry the load of 1.25 million visitors at the same time?I think they have not. So, when you enter the site to see results, you face different kinds of error messages.I know you have a question in mind and that is no one seeing the result? Of course, see. Even you can see also. But in that case, you need to know the trick.

First of all, you need a speedy internet. Think of it as soon as you can knock on the server, there is a possibility of getting results as fast as possible. You are using 1 Mbps speed internet line and another person using 5 Mbps line to see the result. Tell me, who has the best probability of first seeing? Of course, who use the high-speed internet line. So speedy internet plays a vital role in seeing the PSC exam result from the Education Board website through the internet, which may many people do not know, and face bad experience.If you have a good internet speed then Click here to go to the Education Board’s website. A dashboard like a picture below will open.

From here you will get the results by clicking the Submit button with the necessary information. Finally, again a warmly wish to all PSC Exam candidates and want to say that there are many ways to know the PSC  Result 2018 education board result. But is the best choice for you. Because here you can see the PSC result and PDC result without any hassle.

PSC Result 2019. Dear Examiner, you know the Primary School Certificate Examination Result 2018 will be published 30 December 2018. Do you know How to Check the PSC Result 2019 fast? There are a lot of ways are available for Checking the PSC Exam Result 2018. Here we will provide you the clear concept of the PSC Result Fast Checking System. The Specific Person likes the Specific way to check their PSC Exam Result. For this Reason, We are providing all the ways properly. Just Read the ways completely which one you may like or choose.

If you want, you can get an idea about all the available ways in here. PSC Result will be published 24 December 2018. Examiner Can be downloaded online his result here. You can also Download PSC Result Marksheet 2018 here. Dear PSC Examiner Your exam Result will be published on 24 December 2018.

PSC Result 2019

Online is the First Choice for Checking PSC Result 2019. More than 75% People Check the Public Exam Result from the Internet. It will provide you with extra facilities and benefit by saving your valuable times and save money. Two different methods are available to check the PSC Exam Result 2019 from online. One of the ways is the PSC Result Check from DPE (Directorate of Primary Education) and another is the from the Teletalk Bangladesh Limited DPE Portal. This year PSC Result will be published 24 December 2018.

PSC Result 2018 Marksheet 

There are too many People don’t have any internet Device. Another reason is available that the examinee who attended the PSC Exam 2018 doesn’t use any Mobile Phone or Smart Device. He or She can easily check their Result from his or her Father’s or Mother’s Mobile Phone.

Click here get the result

Online Result here

They can easily check their PSC Exam Result 2019 from the Mobile SMS. Only BDT 2.44is require sending the Message to Checking the Result. If you don’t have the sufficient balance on your Mobile, Please Recharge your Account before Publishing the Result. Then, follow the Instruction to check your Result Very fast with Mobile SMS.

  • All Mobile Operator Number is Eligible to send the Message for Checking PSC Result 2018.
  • You must require sending the Message after publishing the Result by DPE.
  • You must require sending the Message with Right Format. The exact Format is “DPE <space> Student ID” and “DPE <space> Thana Code <space> Roll <space> 2018”
  • Send the Message to 16222 (Teletalk Education Portal BD).
  • After successful sending the message in Right Format, You will be charged 2.44 TK and Receive an SMS with your Result.
  • Only Single Roll Number is allowed for Checking the Result with a single SMS.
  • Sometimes, the incoming SMS Result can be received several times.

PSC Result 2019

We are extremely sorry to inform you that, there are no Android Mobile Apps available for Checking the PSC Result 2019. DPE or Teletalk didn’t launch any Official Apps for Checking DPE Result till now. The Apps are available in the anywhere is not genuine. Please don’t waste your valuable time by downloading these apps or trying to check your Result. If we get any updated info about the PSC Result 2019 by Android Apps, we will include the data in here for our valuable users. Bangladesh Most Popular Device ist Android.

This is the Final Attempt about the Article PSC Result 2019. We hope that you have successfully understood about the PSC Exam Result 2019. Do you have any question about this Article or any Recommendation? Please feel free to inform us about your Recommend to us. It will help us to improve our Service. Though we are always tried to provide the best user experience, some unwanted false creates. We regret the unwanted inconvenient. If you want to receive our update news in your Email, Just Subscribe us today. Thank you for staying with us.

                         When will be published PSC Exam Result 2019 this Result link then will be active.

All Education Board PSC Result 2019

Now, the PSC result 2019 will release under the all education board of Bangladesh.  It is important for all of the students to know how to all education boards result and which boards they have. It is also important for them to know under which education board, they are participating in the PSC exam. The PSC students have Nine education board of Bangladesh. And, under those Nine education boards, all the PSC students take a part in the PSC exam. Now we are given the name of those education boards is given below.

  • Education Board of Dhaka
  • Jessore Education Board of Bangladesh
  • Sylhet Education Board of Bangladesh
  •  Education Board of Dinajpur
  • Chittagong Education Board of Bangladesh
  • Rajshahi Education Board of Bangladesh
  • Comilla Education Board of Bangladesh
  • Madrasah Board of Bangladesh
  • Technical DIBS Board.

Dhaka Education Board PSC result 2019

 If you are a Dhaka Board PSC examiner you can get your result here. Do you want to get Dhaka Board PSC Exam Result 2019. All-Examiner of Dhaka education board gets their PSC result 2019 from online. You can get your Dhaka Board PSC exam Result from her. For this just need to have the Online connection and an Online device to collect the PSC exam result 2019. Now, we Given information you all the system to collect the result from Dhaka Education board. So, you may feel happy to know Directly and Superfast that the Dhaka Education Board of Another Board PSC Exam Result 2018.  As a result, PSC Exam Results 2019 Result portal to provide the Dhaka Board psc exam Result is the best online portal.

Dear student We are given all the information about Dhaka Education board result information here. As a result, you can Download your result from this website. Now we are given this information on how to get this result. Dhaka education board can get the PSC result 2018 from the official website of the Dhaka education board and our website. This link you can get psc exam result 2018 Dhaka education board is So w