How To Write More Paragraph From One

How To Write More Paragraph From One. How to write a Paragraph can be written in the more than.Many students is so week an English.They can not write the paragraph for there Exam.Not only students but also many jobs Candidate can not write  Paragraph for her exam.As a result, they can not the success for the Exam.But if you take a short tactic then you can solve How To Write More Paragraph From One easy.So now we are showing How To Write More Paragraph From One given below.

How to write more Paragraph from one

How To Write More Paragraph From One

Which paragraph can be written given bellow

01.Traffic Jam 02.Road accident 03.Load shedding 04.Climate Change 05.Copying in examination 06.Violence in campus 07.Terrorism in the Campus 08.Terrorism 09.Deforestation 10.Greenhouse effect 11.Environment Pollution12. Danger of smoking 13.Air pollution 14.Water pollution15.Arsenic pollution 16. Sound pollution 17.Political Instability  18.Corruption 19.Drug addiction 20.Hartal 21.Dowry System 22.AIDS 23.Street children 24.Street Beggar 25. Anarchy 26.Illiteracy.

Start from here

………occurred by human causes is a burning in the third world country Like Bangladesh.It is very Dangerous and harmful thing for our life.It is a shameful and a disgraceful matter for our nation We cannot lead a normal life for this difficulty.Almost everyday we find and hear the news and views about it on the Daily newspaper and others media. Everybody knows that it is one or the major issues.The causes of this are the negligence and carelessness of some senseless and imprudent people.Government should address the problem shortly to build up a better nation and also build up a better world for living.In the developed countries this kind of problem is very fare and unusual.But in the developing countries like Bangladesh the effect of this problem is acute and we are not conscious and aware of taking proper steps and measures to remove it form our country.The damaging impact of it is unlimited.We should realize that it spoils and crushes the peace and happiness of our life and demolishes the normal ways for our livelihood.Only the government cannot solve the problem alone.People should help the government to tackle this critical issue in no time.This Drawback of our country should be wiped out as soon as possible to lead our nation in a right way as well as to achieve our goals of 2021.


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